Some AdWords Tips from SMX Advanced +

An AdWords / AdSense diagram

I really never thought of AdWords/AdSense being as complicated as this diagram makes it out to be.  There was an SMX event about a month ago and the trade secrets are now public.  A lot of the stuff didn’t seem very interesting but two tidbits stood out.  

The more controversial one involves basically taking advantage of poor saps who don’t know any better, offering them a link exchange, and then throwing a nofollow on it so you get the link love and they don’t, but they’re none the wiser.  This makes me feel a little dirty, it’s a minor offense to be sure, but you’re still deceiving people who trusted you.  

More interesting, was Michael Gray explaining that the Quality Score on landing pages in AdWords had nothing to do with the landing page and everything to do with your organic rankings-

Michael says the Landing Page Quality Score is a lie. It has nothing to do with your landing page. It has to do with your organic rankings. The better you do organically, the better your quality score will be. Learn how to break things.

The only difference was the domain age. The domain that was created in 2006 had its ad jacked up to $10.00. The domain from 2008 was just $.75. It’s not just the domain age. They’re looking at the number of trusted links you get over a period of time. You need a certain number of links but you have to do it over a certain period of time.

How do you beat the Landing Page Quality Score? Every few months Google updates their Landing Page score. If your Web site moves into a non-trusted price jacked category, buy a new domain, create a new ad group, and move all your keywords over.

Google is a data borg. Every piece of data that you give them is going into their borg and being used in their algorithm. Every piece of data can and will be used against you. Think twice before you give it to them. 

(thanks to bruceclay for spilling the beans)

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