Ambigrams Cooler than Palindromes and Just as Fun to Say +

wordsmith ambigram
I’ve been mesmerized by ambigrams ever since I learned what the word meant.  This weekend I found this interview with John Langdon, a graphic artist who works primarily with these cool word designs called ambigrams-

My definition of an ambigram is a word (or name) that can be read with equal ease from more than one vantage point. To me, a logo that has two symmetrical letters or a graphic image that looks the same from more than one vantage point have ambigrammatic qualities, but are not ambigrams, per se. (personal and hair splitting, I know…) Further, though, I think that an ambigram must be readable without an accompanying typeset version of the word, and the letters must not be tortured in complete disregard for their heritage. An image that is symmetrical, but is not attractive or readable, is not, in my opinion, an ambigram.

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