Future of Web Design in NYC +

This past week I attended the Future of Web Design conference at the Roseland Ballroom here in New York. Being able to attend events like this is one of the reasons I wanted to move here. There were a few really standout speakers which included:

  • Mike Cus of Carsonified – he spoke about web design in relation to art and how he belives web design is a nascent art form not unlike music or art
  • Derek Powazek of Powazek Productions – Derek spoke about crowdsourcing and group think, and while I thought this was going to be a super-lame social networking talk it was actually extremely interesting
  • Nicholas Felton of Daytum – I saw this guy’s work for the first time via Kottke, it was cool to hear him speak and talk about how exhausting it was for him to create his annual reports

I’m not sure if I would shell out $450 to go next year but it was definitely an interesting day. I also got to see a Microsoft Surface up close and while the technology behind it seems really cool the applications for it were underwhelming at best. There were about 20 people standing around and four people sitting at the Surface, one on each side, and they were playing PONG! I couldn’t believe that the people at MS couldn’t come up with anything more creative for four people to do sitting at this table.

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