How Restaurants Upsell Offline +

There’s a great article in The Guardian about how restaurant menus are designed to drive us towards certain parts of the page and towards certain items on the menu. I’m not sure why the UK newspaper chose to use the menu for a restaurant in New York, but the commentary is interesting and just as relevant for online design. Here’s the commentary regarding the 2 options for the seafood platter:

Menu consultants use this prime space for high-profit items, and price “anchors”, in this case the Le Balthazar seafood plate, for $115 (£70). By putting high-profit items next to the extremely expensive anchor, they seem cheap by comparison. So, the triple-figure price here is probably to induce customers to go for the $70 (£43) Le Grand plate to the left of it, or the more modest seafood orders below it.

This could easily be applied to cross-selling/up-selling products on any ecommerce website.

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